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Guiding women to connect with their inner and outer selves, tap into their nervous systems, and live more whole, purposeful, and healthy lives.


I'm Zoë.

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Through Co-Creation

Many of us want change in our life, but feel stymied by our own limitations. That’s because we aren’t meant to do things alone! Humans thrive in community and connection, and the work we do together in my practice is centered upon co-creation of the session. I’m here to call forth your sovereignty, and like a doula or sherpa, I will walk along side you in your journey of transformation. I sought out my own guides in my journey, and I’m here to share all I learned to help you thrive in yours.


Deepen Your Connect to Self

You can live a life with more balance. You can feel more at home in your body. 

Are you ready to transform?

Somatic Coaching


Perinatal Care & Education

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Take a deep dive into everything that makes you YOU. With my support, we will explore your relationship to self and other, your personal beliefs, your upbringing, generational narratives, and the cultural messages that imprint on us all. You will find clarity, tools, and encouragement in transforming into the person, parent or partner you want to be.

With a focus on scar tissue (seen and unseen), this nervous system attuned bodywork modality supports post-birth, post-surgery/injury, and post-trauma healing in ways you won't expect, but will come to love. Scar Tissue Remediation is for every body who wants to heal, release, and just feel better in the flesh they live within.

Pregnant and newly postpartum mothers receive coaching and hands-on care during the perinatal period. This care fills in where the American maternity system lacks: I offer personalized coaching, childbirth preparation, and bodywork that looks at the whole person. My method for birth preparation centers on your sovereignty and the inner journey of birth and new parenthood.

Brittany C.

"Working with Zoë has been life changing for me. She managed to combine doula mentorship, life coaching and somatic practices under one umbrella to help me recognize my patterns and move forward with confidence in all areas. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and holds a safe space."

Sonal C.

"I had a hard time finding someone to work on my c-section scar postpartum. Zoë is the only one who is excellent at addressing it and oh my scar has felt much more flexible after she worked on it. I am so thankful to have found her."

Andrea L.

"Zoë is phenomenal at her job! She helped me postpartum in a few different areas & I cannot imagine anyone more informative in every area of pregnancy & postpartum. She listens & gives the best advice. I have recommended her to so many people & will continue to do so! Give her a call & talk to her, & I guarantee you’ll hire her in a second!"

Join our community of mothers

Mama Circle

Mama Circle is a supportive social opportunity for mothers who seek to find community, commonality, confidence, and courage. 


We all have a story to share. Mine is probably a lot like yours. I went into motherhood with excitement and to be honest, hubris. I had been a doula many years, and cared for many newborns. Pregnancy was shocking. Birth didn't go as planned. Being a new mom didn't come easily. But through all of the discomfort and struggle, I found my way back to myself. 

Now I help women just like you. 

I guide women, and even their partners sometimes, to navigate this season of life with more ease, more joy, and more connection. 

So whether you are planning to have a baby for the first time, just had one, or are well into your parenting journey, I can offer somatically focused life-relationship-sex-parenting-health coaching to you (and your partner if desired).

Or, I can use my hands-on skills to help your body heal from whatever life has brought your way.

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Ready to start?

I'd love to support you!

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