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Childbirth Preparation

Pregnant couples dive deeply into the transformative nature of childbirth and early parenthood in a 6 session series.

Deeper than the average childbirth education class.

Birth is about more than bringing home a baby, and the preparation for such a life changing experience should honor the light and dark, joy and grief, pleasure and pain of all that unfolds for both the mother and the birth partner.

Learn the Embodied approach to childbirth. 

This childbirth preparation series for couples centers on your sovereignty. You are the master of your birth destiny. The choices you make, providers you choose, and belief you have in yourself all impact your birth experience. In this time together we will dive in to who you are as a person in order to understand how you may operate during the birth process. We will explore the nervous system and how it functions in labor for both mother and partner, as well as give you insight into the birthing culture you will encounter.

You'll receive tips and tools for navigating informed decision making, interventions and hospital policies, and learn how your body and mind receive comfort and calming best. I'll also happily connect you with resources and doulas in your area. 

The Embodied Approach to Birth

You and your partner will gain a deeper understanding of your body and birth physiology, create awareness of your nervous system, understand consent’s relationship to the nervous system, know how to navigate medical choices/what options are available, empower yourself to trust what is right for you/your body/your baby, and learn ways to cope with labor via understanding what helps your own nervous system feel safe. Partners will have opportunities to explore their own relationship to the birth process/becoming a parent, as well as learn skills to support their birthing partner in navigating labor in all of these aspects. You will learn how to utilize your intimate connection with your partner to experience a more joyful, informed, embodied birth.

The embodied approach to preparing for birth also has a strong emphasis on the inner journey, the psychospiritual, identity-based transformation that both the birthing mother and the partner experience as you walk through the threshold of birth. We explore cultural and generational narratives around birth and how they influence our own sense of ability/safety/fear. We create metaphors for birth to offer an anchor point for labor. Together, we create a space to prepare our minds, bodies, and souls for the transformative process of becoming a family.


I want you to come away from the series feeling confident and prepared to bring your baby into the world in whatever way feels most authentic to you. The series is perfect for folks planning hospital births, planning unmedicated births, planning to get an epidural, planning to birth at home or birth center, and so on! It truly has something for everyone. The series includes a comprehensive guidebook full of information, exercises, resources, and citations.

You believe birth is transformative and want to know how to maximize the power within yourself.

Let’s begin the journey together–

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Is this the right birth prep for us?

If you’re weighing whether independent, embodied childbirth preparation is for you, please consider the following:

  • Do you want to have a sovereign birth experience

  • Do you understand that even though some medical providers are nice people, that they aren’t always the right fit for sovereign, patient-centered, autonomous birth?

  • Are you ready to transform (body, mind, psyche/spirit) through and from your birth experience and traverse it with reverence and respect for the process?

  • Do you want the tools and information needed to positively navigate birthing inside of a system that often disregards the sovereignty and rights of birthing families?

  • Do you want to know yourself, your body, your strength, your baby, and your partner more deeply through the experience of birth?

  • Do you resonate with a spiritual approach and framework for birth and other life changing human experiences? 

    If you answer YES to at least one of these questions, then this class if for you!

Prepare for the journey ahead! Let's connect.

Please fill out the adjacent form to schedule your 6 session series. Ideally this takes place over three months, so please prepare accordingly with your due window. If you are late in the game and would like an accelerated option, please let me know.

Local clients will have all sessions in my office in Midtown, Memphis. Virtual options available for those outside my area. 

Thank you for reach out! I will be in touch soon!

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