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Perinatal Care

Pregnancy transforms us

Birth cracks us open

New motherhood expands us

Pregnancy and early motherhood are a unique time that stretches our minds, hearts, and bodies into something new.

We may feel connected or disconnected to our bodies and baby during this time. We may feel uncertain about the journey ahead, about giving birth, about the after.

We are then tasked to define who we are amongst the scatter pieces of self that lay before us.  We want to tap into our intuition, connect with our partners, and prepare confidently for what is to come. We want to birth in sovereignty, with support, and surrounded with love. We then want to heal our bodies, process any trauma, reconcile who we were with who we are now, and who we want to be.


Giving birth to a baby and to a new version of self can feel overwhelming, scary, or lonely.


But it doesn’t have to–

The Missing Piece in Maternity Care

This is where I come in. 

The reality of maternity care in the United States is that most women giving birth with an OBGYN will only spend a collective 40 to 80 minutes talking to their provider before birth, and only receive 1 to 2 postpartum appointments after. It’s disheartening to hear how many women are receiving 5 minute prenatal visits after 1-2 hours of wait time. In these visits, it is rare that women’s questions and concerns are being heard and answered as fundal height is measured and a doppler listens to the baby’s heartbeat. This simply is not enough time to get to know the woman or her goals for the birth process. Fortunately, those in the care of midwives receive hour-long visits, but even those women may wish for more support before and after birth.

You know you want more knowledge, more support, more hands on care, more options, more love, and more resources. You want to work with someone who understands your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs in this tender time. You want something that feels deep, sacred, and held.

Allow me to see you and hold you in your transformation from pregnancy to motherhood. Allow me to support you in forging a deeper connection to your sovereignty, your body, your baby, your partner, and your birth process. Allow me to guide you in mining the depths of your psyche, learning your new identity, finding embodiment as a mother, healing generational wounds, and stepping confidently into parenthood.

You want something that goes beyond the basics.

Let’s begin the journey together–


Areas of Focus

  • Bodywork tailored to pregnancy, birth, & postpartum needs 

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Referrals and resources for holistic care

  • Referrals to birth & postpartum doulas 

  • Psychospiritual birth preparation coaching

  • Deeper exploration of birth plan and preferences

  • Work with your partner to prepare for birth and beyond

  • Early postpartum care that includes belly binding, abdominal care, vaginal steam, bone closing

  • Newborn care education, babywearing ed, infant bodywork

  • Lactation support with biomechanical approach

  • Early support for postpartum mood disorders and help finding the professional care needed

  • Lots more!

All clients receive copies of my pregnancy and postpartum journals to work through together and at home.

Prepare for the journey ahead! Let's connect.

Please fill out the adjacent form to schedule a free 30 minute call to determine what type of care would best serve you. Be sure to include your estimated due window in your message.

Local clients will have all sessions in my office in Midtown, Memphis. Virtual clients receive all the same support except hands on bodywork, but I will help you find resources for bodywork in your area. 

You may choose a Prenatal Package, a Postpartum Package, or a Perinatal Package. Package length will depend on where you are in your pregnancy or postpartum journey. Sessions are 90 minutes.

Want a full childbirth ed course to take with your partner, check out my CBE page for more info.

Thank you for reach out! I will be in touch soon!

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