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Scar Tissue Remediation

Supporting the body's natural ability to heal and experience greater comfort, mobility, and ease.

Our body holds all of our experiences within its cells. Sometimes those experiences cause pain or trauma, resulting in both visible and invisible scars. 

Our scars serve to put us back together, but as they age, they can hold us back from movement, pleasure, health, and happiness.


Do you want to feel more at home in your body?

Because of trauma, surgery, or injury, you may be living in a body that has scars, both physical and emotional, and you're here because you want to give those scars the time, and attention they deserve.

Scar tissue work can be a deeply healing experience, and is offered with utmost consent, trauma awareness, and love.

Why Scar Tissue?

You may be wondering, is scar tissue work for me? 

You may have tried traditional medical treatments, other forms of bodywork, pelvic physical therapy, or other modalities to address chronic pain or tension resulting from scar tissue or repetitive/postural habits and not gotten the results you desired.

A reason for the lack of change or progress may be that your concerns are not addressed holistically. I look at scar tissue itself, biochemistry, biomechanics, and emotions to gain a deeper understanding of your body. Until the body is met with understanding, it will not change. 

I utilize a variety of practices and techniques to help you and your body feel safe in my hands, including nervous system co-regulation exercises, bone holding, breathwork, meditation, emotion, scar, and body mapping, and others. 

When you and your body are ready to dive in further, I may utilize myofascial techniques, fascia blasting, deep tissue work, abdominal or pelvic bodywork, castor oil packs, lymphatic movement, vaginal steaming, craniosacral inspired practices, stretching, etc. I offer my clients lots of self/home care options to continue the work between sessions. We co-create all experiences in a consent based setting.

You want to heal well and wholly.

Let’s begin the journey together–

Who Benefits from STR ?

  • Postpartum women who have birth related scars, injuries, or trauma, or who have diastasis recti 

  • Pregnant women who want to be more comfortable and prepare for birth

  • Women who have menstruation related pain or dysfunction, including endometriosis 

  • People who have digestion or other gastrointestinal issues

  • People who have scars from injuries or surgeries, especially thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic

  • Women experiencing sexual or pelvic pain, pelvic prolapse, urinary incontinence, or who have had gynecological procedures like LEEPs, terminations, hysterectomies, tubal ligations

  • Women who have experienced sexual trauma, shame, or abuse, body dysmorphia, disordered eating

  • People who experience chronic pain, especially in the neck, back, and pelvis

  • People who want to explore their nervous system and how trauma lives in the body

What are the benefits of Scar Tissue Remediation?

  • Improved posture & mobility

  • Increased capacity for comfort & pleasure 

  • Decreased pain

  • Better circulation and nerve sensation

  • Improved digestion

  • Improved menstrual cycle

  • Decreased scar appearance in some cases

  • Trauma release and emotional healing

  • Deeper connection to body

  • Decreased anxiety 

  • Deeper understanding of health and how the body works

  • Improved sexual function and comfort

  • Improved breathing capacity

  • Much more!!

Begin your transformation today

Please fill out the adjacent form to book a two hour assessment session in my office. In this session we will go over your health history and do a hands on assessment of known scar tissue. From there, we will schedule a series of follow up sessions based upon what we discover during assessment. 

For clients who have a deeper desire to explore the emotional aspect of this work, seeking a coaching package is highly encouraged.

Thank you for reach out! I will be in touch soon!

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