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Somatic Coaching

Transformation of the soul becomes possible through a connection with the body.

When our world is overwhelming, our mothering, parenting, or relationships feel fraught and exhausting, our career isn’t where we want it to be, and we crave a life that is rooted in embodiment, but don’t feel we have the time or energy to make the change…

Who or what do we turn to?

Our culture of disembodiment may offer binge watching TV, overconsumption of xyz, doom scrolling social media, living for the weekend, working until we crash, and surviving rather than thriving.

But if you are here, it’s because you desire to live a life rooted in connection, embodiment, balance, and joy.

Why Somatic Coaching?

You may be wondering, is somatic coaching for me? 

You may have tried traditional therapy before and not gotten the results you desire, or you may seek coaching in tandem with traditional therapy. Wherever you are with your journey, I'm here to support the changes you wish to see in your life.

Soma means of the body, and coaching via a somatic lens means that I show you how to understand your body's innate behaviors and reactions to life and stress. We do this by learning the ins and outs of your nervous system, how it was attenuated as a young person, and how and why it operates the way it does now. 

We use this lens to navigate challenges you may be experiencing with parenting, relationship to self, partnership/marriage, career, family of origin, friendship, society, and more. 

Coaching is all about finding ways to interrupt the patterns that hold us back, connect us more deeply to our desires, show us how strong we already are, unburden our nervous systems from the imprint of past experiences, reparent our inner child, help us find tools to better cope with challenges, and ultimately find more joy in our lives. 

You want to transform.

Let’s begin the journey together–

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Who Works with Me?

  • Mothers wishing to prioritize themselves

  • Parents seeking support in conscious parenting practices

  • Partners of someone already in my care

  • Women or couples preparing to start a family, but who are not yet pregnant

  • Couples wanting to address relational issues from a somatic lens

  • Women wishing to connect more to their fertility and menstrual cycle

  • Doulas or birth professionals wanting personalized business and life coaching

  • Folks who want to understand their nervous system and how it informs their life

  • Folks seeking tools, support, and guidance in living a life that feels whole

I spent many years working as a doula, so naturally most of my clients are mothers at some stage in their journey. I often work with mothers on identity, sexuality, birth trauma, grief, relational changes or challenges, depletion, postpartum physical changes, perinatal mood disorders, and more.

I am equally comfortable supporting: parents wishing to change their approach and heal from their own wounds made within their family of origin, those who wish to explore the deeper lineages of generational trauma and epigenetic imprinting, couples who are experiencing relational issues and want to connect on a deeper level, women who want to explore their relationship to their menstrual cycle and how it impacts their life, doulas and other care-centered entrepreneurs looking to operate a business from a place of integrity, people who want to repair their relationship with their body, nervous system, and personhood.

Where appropriate and desired, coaching clients may be recommended and welcomed into my care as a scar tissue remediation centered bodyworker. Coaching may involve some touch-based practices to orient the nervous system, such as those created by Beth Dennison, bone holding, and other coaching techniques developed by other somatic coaches and practitioners I have studied under. Remember, this is coaching rooted in the body.

Begin your transformation today

Please fill out the adjacent form to book a free 30 minute call to explore somatic coaching and determine the best approach for your unique needs.

Coaching packages are created individually for each client. Coaching takes place virtually, or for those local to Memphis, TN, in my office in Midtown. 

Thank you for reach out! I will be in touch soon!

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